Transportation Orlando Airport to Disney

Transportation from Orlando Airport to Disney

Welcome to Orlando's one stop shop for transportation between Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World!

"There is no better, more affordable way to get to Disney!"
There is complimentary transportation from Orlando Airport to Disney know as Disney's Magical Express provided by motor-coach. Disney's Magical Express only picks up at Disney's welcome center at Orlando Airport which is located at the Orlando Airport terminal B on the 1st floor all the way at the end of the terminal where there you will have to check in and wait in line to board your bus. With Orlando Chauffeured Services we provide you with complimentary "meet and greet" service when you arrive to your airlines baggage claim area and our vehicle is conveniently located just one floor down. We offer affordable Transportation Rates for the type of vehicle necessary to accommodate the number of passengers you have in your party.

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Luxury Sedan, Passenger Vans, and Escalade SUV

On the 1st floor just steps away from your airlines baggage claim in a covered parking garage designated specifically for vehicle for hire service. OCS is permitted by the city of Orlando to provide vehicle for hire service for families traveling on vacation and that want to be pampered for their vacation.

When checking your bags thru Disney's magical express baggage check system be prepared to wait about 4-5 hours after arriving at your Disney resort for your luggage to get there. With OCS our chauffeurs assist you with getting your luggage from your baggage claim and down to the vehicle, they load it in to our vehicle and let you just begin to enjoy your vacation. Our car service from Orlando Airport to Disney is the only way to travel when you are looking to get the most for your money on your vacation. Mears shuttle service charges $34 per adult for a shuttle round trip to Disney Resort's so that means if you have a family of 4 you are looking at $120 for 2 adults and 2 kids on a shuttle van with multiple stops on your way to your destination. Check out our flat rate sedan service that takes provides you luxury door to door transportation for almost the same price as a shuttle service and without any of the hassles of traveling by shuttle.

OCS-Orlando is the number 1 provider for transportation to Disney World for over 7 years. We provide luxury services for families that visit Disney World year after year and are looking to spend the least time possible going to locations that they are not staying at. With OCS we provide complimentary 15 minute grocery stop on your way to Disney World upon advance request. This makes it for a great deal when you purchase certain items for less than half of the price you would pay at your Disney Resort, If you calculate the savings of this alone it will pay for your transportation services with us and makes your vacation 10 times easier.

When choosing to visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida for your families vacation there is a lot of planning involved in doing so to ensure you can get the most out of your vacation time. The last thing you need to be doing is to be standing around and getting aggravated with a transportation provider that has little or no experience. At OCS - Orlando we are experts at managing time to assure seamless transportation from Orlando Airport to Disney World. There are many options for you to get from Orlando Airport to Disney World but by far we are your best option. We have a fleet of meticulously maintained vehicles that are always clean and ready to serve your needs. We stand behind our services 100% and we put your needs first every time.

Many families traveling to Disney World like to take advantage of a complimentary 15 minute grocery stop that we offer you in route to your resort to pick up any items you may be missing or wanting to have for your stay. At Orlando Chauffeured Services we are a family owned company that know the importance of your families safety and always provide you with complimentary car seats or booster seats to assure your children are always comfortable and safe. No detail is to small with us, if you have any questions or specific need please feel free to contact on of our customer service representatives and we will customize your reservation to meet all your needs.

We are accredited by the Central Florida BBB for consistence satisfaction to all clients that we serve. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business we have you covered with our fleet of clean late model vehicles and professional chauffeurs always ready to transport you to Disney World.

Transportation provided by Disney's Magical Express claims for you to skip your baggage claim and to go directly to the Welcome center on the 1st floor on the B-side of the Orlando Airport. They tell you to contact them to reserve your motor-coach transportation to Disney world and that you have no luggage to be concerned about. The only issue is that you will have to wait up to 3 hours after you check in at your resort for your bags to arrive. You also must put your luggage tags on your luggage at your departing airport to be sure that they are taken off the airplane directly to Disney's baggage service area to be then taken to your resort. What they fail to tell you is that it could take up to 2 hours after you arrive at the Orlando Airport to have your motor-coach loaded with all the passengers and then you have to stop by all the resorts that other guests will be staying at in route to your resort. If you have your luggage tags on your bags and arrange one of our clean late model luxury vehicles you can be enjoying your Disney vacation within 45 minutes of touching down at Orlando International Airport. We still provide you a complimentary "meet and greet" at the Orlando Airport Baggage claim but then we do not have to stand around and wait for your luggage as it will be automatically delivered to your resort. We are the best option for transportation between Orlando Airport and Disney World with no gimmicks. We monitor your flight so that we are always aware of your status and standing by for you when you arrive and ready to transport you to your resort in Disney World. Our service is not restricted to the hours of 5:00am and 10:00pm like Disney's Magical Express as we operate anytime and always around your schedule. We conveniently park our vehicles just steps away from your airlines baggage claim counter in a covered parking garage. Orlando Chauffeured Services provides 1st class service every time without having to break the bank. Let us amaze you with our team of friendly associates always eager to make your visit to our area the best Worldwide.

The Difference between Orlando Chauffeured Services and Disney's Magical Express

  • We track your flight and provide you a complimentary "meet and greet" service at your airlines baggage claim.
     · They make you go and find the Welcome Center on your own at the 1st floor of the B-side that is not next to all airlines.
  • We provide you a vehicle just for your family with a professional chauffeur at your time of arrival.
     · They make you check in at the Welcome Center and then stand in a designated line for other passengers and to fully load your shared ride motorcoach.
  • We can get you from the Orlando Airport to your resort in Disney in about 30 minutes total time from when in the vehicle.
     · They make unrequested stops along the way to your resort to drop off other passengers to their resort and usually takes about 2 hours total time from Orlando Airport to your resort in Disney.
  • We can provide you a complimentary 15 minute grocery stop in route to your hotel in Disney to pick-up any last minute items or snacks for your vacation.
     · They do not allow you to stop for your convenience only for their convenience of dropping off other passengers.
  • We provide you complimentary car seats or booster seats for your children.
     · You must provide your own car seats or booster seats for your children.
  • We always have a team of customer service representatives available to assure you seamless transportation every time.
     · They have a team of customer service representatives available to assure you are where you need to be when they can get your there.

The comparison of Orlando Chauffeured and Shared Ride shuttles

  • We offer you a vehicle just for your family at a flat rate price for the type of vehicle needed to transport your family.
     · They provide you a rate for each passenger and if you have a family of 3 or more you end up spending more than a flat rate for the vehicle.
  • We have your chauffeur and vehicle standing by and awaiting you after you get off your airplane.
     · They make you get your luggage and then stand around and wait for them to pull in to the spot at the Orlando Airport they are going to meet you.
  • We can get you from the Orlando Airport to your resort in Disney World within 30 minutes of getting in the vehicle.
     · They take up to 90 minutes to get your from the Orlando Airport to your resort in Disney World after getting in your vehicle.
  • Our flat rate for a sedan for a family of 4 is $80+gratuity one/way or $149+gratuity for the round trip.
     · Their rate per passenger regardless of the number of passengers is $18 one/way or $36 for the round trip.
  • When you compare the rates of a family of 4 you are actually only paying a couple of dollars more for a clean luxury vehicle and chauffeur that will take you 1/3 of the time to get to your resort.
     · You will be saving a couple of dollars but sacrificing your comfort and taking 3 times longer to get to your resort in Disney World.

Orlando Chauffeured Services compared to Other Limo Services

All limo services in Orlando, Florida are regulated by the same chapter 55 rules and regulations to operate legally. The difference is the experience and service you are going to receive. At Orlando Chauffeured Services we always deliver what is promised to you and go above and beyond to make sure you are 100% satisfied every time. We provide complimentary car seats and booster seats to all families traveling with young children to remove the hassle of carrying your own or having to pay extra. (Other limo services charge for their child safety seats) We only operate clean late model vehicles with professional chauffeurs, we set standards that other companies are just not interested in meeting as they are only in business for a profit and not for Customer Satisfaction.